Additional Services

New Model Rescreening and Painting is a company capable of flying with the client’s imagination and making dreams and wishes come true. That’s why we perform additional services such as:

Pressure Wash

Press Washer New Model

This is a service that we will always offer in the pool cage area because it’s our specialty, and in general we do it when we replace the entire screen. Another occasions, we offer this service for the floor surrounding the pool, as well as on porches and lanais when they’re going to be repaired and painted.

It is important to argue that we use different tips depending on the area we are cleaning, and the pressure water equipment has enough power (4400 PSI) to remove all dirt from the surface. We usually apply the turbo tip for Pool Cage; this tip is of greater power to remove loose paint, corrosion, and dirt from metals. We use less powerful tips for other surfaces; this way, we do not damage with water pressure the area we are going to clean, but we use the right products to remove dirt more easily.

Kick Plate Installation

Partial metal installation is usually done in restorations. When we cover the metals below with 1×2 angle metal by replacing the cage anchors, this facility will offer a better finish of the work and look like new.

Metals are also added to install new screen panels, install new door, kick plate, and more. Aluminum is also added anywhere else that is necessary to provide strength and safety to the aluminum structure.

In other cases we only adjust the metals to the structure after losing rusty screws.

Gutter Replacement Or Repair